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Resetting the Hard Drive on your Motorola DVR



WARNING: this clears all DVR content, all scheduled recordings, favorites, and other settings

  • First, make sure that the AC outlet is set to Always On, so that the TV stay ons when the converter is off
  • Next, walk up to the converter and locate the Power and Select buttons

Resolution Steps

  1. Press Power on the converter
  2. Within 3 Seconds of the converter being off, press Select twice
  3. The diagnostics screen appears

    If you do not see this screen, you've missed the 3 second window; turn the converter on and then off again to repeat the process
  4. Press the following Remote Control buttons in rapid succession
    •   Replay, List, List, List, Live
  5. The converter box displays Clr
    • If it doesn't, press the above buttons in the same sequence again
  6. On the remote, press OK/Select to proceed with the reset
  7. The DVR should reset and download current guide data 
  8. Wait at least a half hour before turning the converter on to make sure the HD space is clear


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