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Hiding Adult Content



Resolution Steps

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TiVo Equipment

  • 4 Tuners, 2 Tuners, Single Tuners, and Minis on TiVo Experience 3
    • Go to TiVo Central | Settings and Messages | Parental Controls | Hide Adult Content

    4K 6 Tuners, 6 Tuners , 4K Minis, and Minis on TiVo Experience 4
    • Go to TiVo Home | left arrow to Menu | Settings | Parental & Purchase Controls | Hide Adult Content


Passport ECHO Boxes (DVR)

  • Hiding titles and blocking ratings do not affect the Adult Section of the VOD menu on SA boxes
  • Securing VOD channel with a PIN
  1. Press Menu button and then press the arrow left button to show Locking Status

  2. Press the Select button to go to the general settings preferences screen

  3. Press the Select button again to choose Locking Status and press the arrow down button to highlight On and then press the Select button

  4. Enter a PIN

  5. Arrow down button to Hide Adult Titles and Press the Select button

  6. Arrow up button to highlight Always and press the Select button

  7. Press the arrow up button to scroll to locked ratings. Adult and NC-17 should be already selected.  If they are not or if you would like to lock more ratings press the Select button and lock those options then press the left arrow button to step back in the menu

  8. Press the left arrow button to go back through the menu to see the Parental Control settings now specify locking status is On, Locked ratings include "NR(Adult)", and Hide Adult Titles is set to Always

  9. Press the Guide button to see that the adult titles will now show Title Blocked. To purchase PPV you will need to enter the PIN

  10. This process will also block the Adult VOD titles from being displayed and will block the purchasing of adult content through Video On Demand without a PIN (the names of the categories within the Adult Video On Demand section will be visible)


Passport/Passport DCT Boxes (Standard Digital)

  1. Press the Menu button twice to reach the Settings menu 
  2. Under Parental Control preference, go to Locking Status and turn it On
  3. Enter your PIN or press the A button on the remote to set up a PIN
  4. Arrow down and select Hide Titles 
    • Press OK or arrow right to change the setting
    • Select Yes to hide adult titles in the Guide, then press OK
  5. Arrow up to Locking to make sure the option is set up Off / Disable
  6. Change the Locking setting to On to activate Hide Titles and press Exit


i-Guide Boxes (Standard Digtal/DVR)

  1. Press Menu twice on the remote
  2. Select Parental Controls (If you haven't created a PIN, you must do so)
    • Select TV Ratings Locks, select TV-MA
    • Select Movie Ratings Locks, select Adult
    • Select Hide Titles, select Adult and TV-MA
    • Select TV Channel Locks, select the Adult VOD Channels
  3. The guide will show Adult Programming or TV MA Programming instead of the actual titles.
    • Accessing a channel with the adult programming will prompt for a PIN

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