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Unable to Make Outgoing Phone Calls



Resolution Steps

  • If you have dial tone and are unable to make outgoing calls, verify the issue is occurring on all phones
    • If yes, try a different phone
    • If the issue is on one jack and needs repair, contact us for assistance
  • Verify the issue occurs when dialing all numbers
    • If yes, verify the phone is set on Tone, not Pulse
    • If you are receiving a suspended service recording, check your balance and make a payment if needed to restore service
  • If the issue only occurs when dialing local calls, is it on all local numbers?
    • If all numbers, contact us for further assistance
    • If one number, verify you are dialing the number correctly
      • Many calls require 10 digit dialing that includes the 3 digit area code and 7 digit number; dial the full phone number
      • Try another phone line such as your mobile phone to see if the number is working / in service
      • If you can dial the number on another phone line or if you are unable to try another line, contact us for further assistance
  • If the issue occurs when only dialing regional or long distance calls, verify your carrier
    • To verify your Long Distance provider, dial 1-700-555-4141
    • To verify your regional provider, dial 1- your area code -700-4141
    • If you do not have a regional or long distance carrier, you must establish one
      • Is there a message or code when dialing?  Take down the message and report the issue to your phone carrier
      • If your carrier is Astound Broadband, contact us for further assistance
  • Rural Areas: If you receive a recording or experience issues when calling a rural area:
    • Listen carefully to the message and write down the recording to give to us
    • If there is a reference number, be sure to take note of it
    • Contact us for further assistance
  • If You're a Service Provider
    • Please contact:
      Joseph Kahl
      VP Regulatory and Public Affairs

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