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Voice Mail for CA, OR and WA



Resolution Steps


Voice Mail Set Up

    • Dial *9 from your phone line; the tutorial walks you through setup
      • Create a new personal pass code:
        • PIN must be six to twenty digits long
        • Cannot be a sequence of numbers (1,2,3,4)
        • Cannot be the last four digits of the phone number
      • Record a name announcement
      • Record a personal greeting which can be up to two minutes long or select a standard greeting options
        • To update future greetings, press 3 from the greetings menu


Check Messages from Home

    • Dial *9 or your telephone number
    • At the prompt, enter your PIN
    • Follow the prompts to access your messages
    • Note: store up to 30 messages (2 minutes in length)for up to 30 days


Check Messages When Away from Home

    • Dial your telephone number
    • Press the star (*) key during the recorded greeting
    • At the prompt, enter your PIN
    • Follow the prompts to access your messages


Voice Mail Commands

    • When listening to messages, follow these commands
      • Save a message: press 2
      • Fast-forward 5 seconds: press 99
      • Rewind 5 seconds: press 77
      • Keep the current message and skip to the next message: press #
      • Delete a message: press 3
      • Reply to a message: press 4
      • For helpful hints: press 0



Delete a Message Permanently

    • When pressing 3 to delete a message, it is moved to a folder
    • If the folder is not emptied, the mail box may say it is full
    • To permanently clear a deleted message:
      • Log into your voice mail as normal
      • Choose option 6 to Play deleted messages
      • Press 3 to delete a message permanently


Reset PIN

    • Contact us to reset the Voice Mail PIN if you become locked out or forget your PIN


Change Number of Rings to Voice Mail

    • Change the number of rings in the Phone Portal
      • Click Settings tab
      • Click Messages tab
      • Under General, increase the number of rings by increasing the seconds
      • Click Apply
        • One ring = 6 seconds

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