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I Can't Receive Calls



Verify what is heard when calling your phone line:

  • The phone rings, but the phone doesn't ring in your home
  • A busy signal, but you are not on the phone
  • Dead air, no ringing or busy tone
  • A recording
  • Some callers reach you while others do not

Resolution Steps

Try these suggestions:

  • Verify the phone ringer is turned on
  • Adjust the ringer volume if necessary 
  • Confirm all phones are turned off; if one is left on, your line rings busy
  • Verify phones are charged; cordless phones require a battery
  • Ensure the connections / plugs are connected and plugged in (power cords, modem, router, phones, etc.)
  • Check other equipment that can affect your phone line
    • Disconnect fax machines, answering machines, caller ID devices
    • Do not disconnect the phone modem or router
    • Make a test call to your phone
    • If resolved, plug in each piece of equipment, one by one, to determine if equipment is the cause of the problem
  • For multiple phone jacks on one phone line, unplug all but one phone, then plug in a working phone in the jack
  • If the person calling you reaches a recording or if you still cannot receive calls, a service call may be necessary

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