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Disable Voice Mail in Phone Manager for Texas




When Voice Mail is disabled in Phone Manager, it can't be accessed by dialing *86


Resolution Steps

  • Go to and login with your Username and Password
    • First time users are prompted for their CPNI Information
  • On the bottom left of the screen in the Feature Management area, click on the green block to the right of Voice Mail
  • To disable Voice Mail, click Disabled in the top box that says Voice Mail
  • Click Save; when disabled, the block changes from a green check to a red X in Feature Management area

Other Voice Mail Options:

  • To dial into your voice mail, it must be Enabled in Phone Manager
  • To disallow further messages from being left, click Disabled and Save on one or all of the following:
    • Send All Calls to Voice Mail
    • Send Busy Calls to Voice Mail
    • Send Unanswered Calls to Voice Mail
  • To enable callers to leave messages again, simply click on Enabled and then Save

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